Terms of Service

The administrator and owner of the site, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”, is Expedio Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Warsaw, ul. Chełmońskiego 1 m. 52, entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division under the Court Registration Number (KRS) 0000343198 on the bases set forth in these Terms.

Before you create an account in the Site you have to read the below terms carefully. By creating an account, the user confirms that they took note of the content and accepts all the provisions.

  1. Creating an account and using the Site is free of charge.
  2. By giving personal data in the registration form, the User declares that:
    1. the provided data are true,
    2. they agree to processing of these data (Law on Personal Data Protection dated August 29, 1997, Journal of Laws no. 133 of 1997) by Expedio Sp. z o.o. in order to promote products and companies.
  3. The User undertakes to use the account in accordance with legal regulations binding in Poland, social and moral norms, provisions of the present terms, and netiquette, especially to:
    1. act in a way that does not violate rights of other users,
    2. not to undertake actions that aim to read passwords of other users,
    3. not to create an account with the name referring to words commonly considered as insulting and incompliant with good behavior; account with the name including registered trademarks or elements protected by law; account whose name suggests that it is an account used by Expedio (administrators, editorial staff, advertisement, etc.) which may mislead other users (e.g. admin.expedio, administrator_expedio, etc.).
  4. Expedio Sp z o.o. shall not be held responsible for:
    1. the way users utilize their accounts, or for any outcomes,
    2. messages sent or received by users,
    3. any damages to the user resulting from an inappropriate sharing or impossibility to share their account,
    4. effects resulting form third parties coming into possession of user’s password, regardless of the reason (e.g. user disclosing the password to a third party, password decoded by a third party),
    5. disclosing the password and data to individuals authorized based on relevant legal regulations,
    6. information and materials downloaded from the Internet, or effects of their use.
  5. Expedio Sp. z o.o. shall not be held responsible for contents (including photos, films, texts) shared by Site users. By publishing materials (photos, films, texts) Site users declare that the materials do not violate legal regulations nor properties of third parties, including image rights.
  6. It is forbidden to advertize other websites or companies on the Site, especially those who run a commercial activity. This ban refers to every part of this Site, including forum, private messages, journey descriptions and comments to photos.
  7. Expedio Sp. z o.o. reserves the right, which the User accepts, to
    1. immediately block each account without prior notification, in case the user violates the terms,
    2. delete or edit all contents published on the Site which violate the below terms.
  8. In case any user undertakes actions that are not forbidden by these terms but are judged by Expedio as undesirable, Expedio may inform the user about this fact by e-mail requesting to stop taking such actions. If the user fails to comply with this request immediately, it shall be considered as violation of these terms.
  9. All information on violations of these terms by site users shall be directed to
  10. Expedio reserves the right to change these terms.
  11. Changes of the terms shall be made available to Users on way2a site, at http://way2a.com/static/terms.

January 1, 2011