Weekend in Bratislava (Bratysława/Братислава)


Bratislava is a beautiful, sweet capital with, narrow streets, complicated history, different influences and hospitable people who speak soft language.


The two dominant parts of historical city Bratislava are just a minute‘s-walk apart. The first part worth seeing is the historical centre with a beautiful Slovak National Theatre Building on one side and Saint Michael‘s Gate on the other. Admire the St. Michael’s Gate and trod upon the paved streets of Primatial Square, Main Square, and Franciscan Square. Make sure you visit St. Martin’s Cathedral, the largest and the most distinguished church in Bratislava city. St. Martin’s Cathedral once served as a coronation site of the Hungarian monarchs. Another historically impressive part of the city is Bratislava Castle with its stunning views. Quiet alleys with a steep climb will lead you right to the castle. If you are not in the mood for a longer and steep walk, the castle is accessible by a trolley bus departing from Hodza Square. The castle offers spectacular views. 


Make sure to greet Bratislava citizens-monuments:

-Cumil(man at work) from underground hold his cap/nose for luck

-Schoner Naci -silver guy with a cap off- citizen from 20 century, very friendly and talkative, real person

From traditional food try: Bryndzové Halušky, Kapustnica soup and Žemľovka for desert. And of course beer! For example Zlatý Bažant

A snack at a café can be had for between €1 and €4. Base meal in restaurant will cost you between €2.75 and €5.

Please see detailed routs for more details.


!!!Vienna is just 60 km away from Bratislava and so different,so VISIT IT! Train takes around 1h and for 18$ you'll be in another world!

More about Vienna here:http://way2a.com/track_details/1144,vienna-wien-wieden-in-1-day


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