Paris lowcost guide 1-5 days



Paris is a quintessence of beauty on earth. Once you have an opportunity to visit it, you won’t have to think much, since this incredible city has much to offer. Some people say that to feel Paris you need to have much money with high-stars hotels, houte cuisine and taxis all-around. But if you would like to have a lowcost tour to Paris and see much more – this guide is for you.



Paris is no doubt expensive city. One more Paris feature is very small rooms, either at hotels or at apartments. So, be prepared to it. Average price at hotel is 100 Eur per person per night. If it’s not your option, you can always look for an apartment at the website

The feature of this website is that there you can rent an apartment not via agency, but directly from the owner, which means lower costs, cozy apartments and pleasant atmosphere. As for my trip in September 2012, we rented one-bedroom apartment in the center of Paris for 500 Eur for 5 nights for 3 people. In other words it is 30 Eur per person per night. If you would like to go to that very apartment, you can write to me and I share the contacts.

Besides, there was a very gentle owner, who did her best during our stay in order to create the best atmosphere for us.



A metro-ticket price is 2 Eur per trip. But you can buy a Carnet – 10-trips ticket for 9 Eur. In this case you get 10 separate tickets, but the price is much lower. So it’s a very good tip.

In order to get to the city from the airport (Charles de Gaulle) you need to take a bus that takes you to the Opera (costs 10 Eur and takes 45-50 minutes) in the center of Paris.

Though, the cheapest way to travel round the city is on foot.

In the center of Paris you can also find bike-taxis (so called pedicabs or rickshaws) who offer you a trip for almost 1 Eur per minute or per kilometer. A very interesting experience! Look for them at the beginning of Champs Elyssee and near Louvre.



Whatever you are looking for, you can always find it in Paris. Numerous little shops, boutiques and shopping centers are created for millions of customers with wide price-range. The most prestigious shopping centers are Printemps (Paris, 64, bd Haussmann; opening hours: Mon-Sat: 9:35 – 8 pm, Thursday – until 10 pm) and Gallery Lafayete (Paris, 40, bd Haussmann; opening hours Mon-Sat: 9:30 – 8 pm, Thursdau – until 21:00). Numerous small local boutiques and shops are situated at Rive Gauche (rue Mouffetard in Quartier Latin) and at Montmartre.

Description of the days is to be added very soon! Stay tuned!


Day 1. Le Louvre.

Check here:,day-1-le-louvre 


Day 2. Arc de Triomphe, Jardin des Tuileries, Champs Elyssee, Seine river banks, Eifel Tower

Check here:,day-2-arc-detriomphe-jardindestuileries-


Day 3. Notre Dame de Paris, Rive Gauche, Quartier Latin, Jardins de Luxembourg, l’Hotel des Invalides

Check here:,day-3-notre-dame-de-paris-rive-gauche-qu


Day 4. Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Basilic de Sacre Coeur

Check here:,day-4-montmartre-moulin-rouge-basilic-de


Day 5. Marche aux  Puces

Check here:,day-5-marche-aux-puces


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